Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Won't Believe This!

Hi there!

Guess what? I am guest designing today over in the pond! Yup, you read that correctly. ME! Barb! Guest designer for the Lily Pad Cards blog! Ahhh!

I am telling you, I was so shocked when Deborah emailed me and invited me to do this. I quickly accepted and got right down to business, creating three new cards. Then, of course, I lost the sheet that I had written all the supplies and instructions on, so when the deadline came along to email everything to Lily Pad, I was scurrying to get it done.

I'm so excited about this, and it goes without saying, very honored too! Thank goodness I had some mojo at the time (haven't seen it since.) Here's a peek at one of the cards I made.

To see the full view, and my other two cards, click on over to the pond. I'd really appreciate it if you could leave me a comment over there!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my excitement! Woo, hoo! :)