Monday, February 11, 2013

It's That Time of Year Again!


It's late Monday night, three days before Valentine's Day and I wanted to share some photos from my day at work today.

In case you're a new follower to my blog and don't know where I work, I manage a floral department in a small grocery store. Needless to say, it's a crazy time of year for me and I wanted to share some fun photos.

I've done posts like this in the past, but this year I thought I'd add a couple of photos to help you understand what it's like when we get the hundreds of bouquets delivered before the big day. This first picture shows one of the three pallets of boxes that were delivered today. 

There are 31 boxes of flowers on this pallet, and remember, there were two more pallets with almost as many boxes on each!

We grab one box at a time, open it up and cut the bottom of the stems off of each bouquet. Then we place them in buckets of water, lift that bucket up and transfer it into the cooler. It's a long process, with lots of heavy lifting. Here's a photo of me cutting just one of the hundreds of bouquets.

I realize I don't look very happy in this photo. I like to think I was "concentrating." :) At this point, it was about half way through the day and we were FAR from being finished! There are definitely times throughout the year when I wish we had TWO cutters! 

The rest of the photos are of flowers and goodies with very little descriptions, so enjoy!

 A beautiful bouquet with big pink and red gerbera daisies, some carnations and peonies.

 This one is so pretty! The photo does not do it justice!

I love these glittery daisies! All the dad's love to buy them for their daughters - we sell out of this one every year. :)

This one is called Chocolate Love. The burgundy roses and carnations, mixed with the white daisies and alstromeria are a gorgeous contrast. 

And here are some of my favorite plants this year:

The delightful Cyclamen.

This is a Primula, or Primrose, in the prettiest shade of purple.

Another Primula in yellow - such a sweet, little plant.

A favorite of mine - the Hyacinth - smells heavenly!

This beauty is an Azalea - isn't it stunning?!

We of course received a ton of roses, in dozen and half dozen bouquets, but we also have some mini rose plants. Here's a red one.

And just look at this bright yellow one!

I'm almost done! Couldn't let you go without a couple of the yummy goodies from our bakery department.
Would ya look at that! A heart-shaped cake with truffles and candy placed in the center and topped with a heart-shaped cookie - oh, yeah! :)

 And it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without chocolate covered strawberries. These ones are covered with both white and milk chocolate - can you say, YUM?!

If you're still here - thank you! I know it was a long post but I sure hope you enjoyed it! I'm very happy the hard work is all done and I actually have Tuesday off! My co-worker is there tomorrow and then the two of us will be busy, busy, busy on Wednesday and Thursday! Happy Valentine's Day! :)