Saturday, February 11, 2012

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

Hi there!

I thought it would be fun to show some photos from my floral department at work, and what it looks like for Valentine's Day. I've done this before, but wanted to share again this year.

All the bouquets and roses are delivered dry, in boxes. We cut them, one bouquet at a time, and hydrate them in buckets of water. Last year, I totally ran out of everything, so I ordered even more this year. It took us approximately eight hours, yesterday and today, to cut them all! So glad that part of the work is finished!

The first few photos are of the massive amounts of flowers, inside the cooler.

These are the shelves. There are four of them and each one holds six buckets of flowers for a total of 24 buckets.

Here's the floor of the cooler. Can't even tell you how many buckets there are here. My guess would be around 25 to 30.

Here I am - in my element and loving it! You should smell it inside there - Mmmm! :)

And here's a few more pics of my department.

My larger bouquet case, filled with beautiful bouquets.

A smaller bouquet rack.

Here's the area where some of the pretty plants are displayed.

We started out with four of these cute bears and this guy is the last one (already!)

Close by my department, there is a large case filled with yummy treats from the bakery. Thought you all might want to see that too. Here's the case, which also holds some lovely plants on top.

There are cakes, brownies, large, heart-shaped cookies and some pretty amazing treats!

This is a flour-less cake that is so fabulous - the photo does not do it justice! Truffles are layered on top - yum!

And would ya look at the size of those strawberries! OH, MY!

Okay, I will leave you with a few of my faves. Here is a Campanula. LOVE this plant!

And here is my favorite bouquet. I love it because it looks like wild flowers - so pretty!

And these gorgeous flowers are in an arrangement. They sit in a red, ceramic pot. Love this mix of colors!

As you can imagine, I'll be working the next three days, including a long shift on Tuesday. With all the hard work behind us, the fun part now begins - just selling the product.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed all the photos! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm Okay

Hi there, everyone.

I wanted to pop in and let you know that I am still here. It's been a rough week or so of being quite sick. I was put on antibiotics for a sinus infection, ear infection and bronchitis. I suppose because of three infections, they placed me on a very high dose. My body was not able to tolerate it, and I could barely function, with nausea like I've never had before. I also became so weak, and had terrible headaches. On the third day of the antibiotics, I called the doctor and asked about it. The nurse I talked to, came to the conclusion that at my weight, I should not have been put on such a high dose. She lowered the dose from 3,000 mg/day to 1,000 mg/day, and I have been improving now with each day. What a relief!

I still find that I get really tired quite easily, so I'm trying not to do too much, too soon. I worked a half day today, but starting tomorrow, I'll be back at my regular work schedule. With Valentine's Day only 5 days away, the craziness begins tomorrow, when I start receiving tons of plants and floral bouquets. I do have 2 other gals helping me each day, which normally does not happen, so I am grateful for that.

I want to thank my sweet friend, Joy, for starting a "get well soon" discussion thread over on Flickr, and to all of you who have sent me messages of concern, hugs and well wishes - thank you so much! I'm planning on getting back to card making too - just as soon as I find time when I'm not working or sleeping.

Anyway, I have really missed being on-line, visiting blogs and commenting on Flickr! I kept saying to myself, "I just want my life back, and to feel like my normal, energetic self again!" I am hopefully on my way to doing just that!

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again! :)