Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flowers and Bunnies and Springtime, Oh, My!

Hi everyone and Happy Easter!

I've put together a post filled with photos from my workplace again. I hope you're not tired of seeing them. I wasn't going to do it this spring but some of you requested that I do, so here we go! 

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year in the floral department! It is filled to the rim with lovely, spring fragrances and colors! The Hyacinth gives off the most beautiful, soft fragrance! I can't tell you how many customers walk by to grab a shopping cart and say, "Oooo, what smells so good?!" I tell them it's the hyacinth and they immediately put one of them in their cart! It's a fun way to sell a product, don't ya think?

Okay, here are the photos - enjoy!!

These whimsical bunnies greet the customers as they come in the door near the flower dept. Don't ya just love their giant ears?! They make me smile! :)

These two are displayed near the front desk/service counter - I adore her adorable dress and sweater!

A close-up of the antique cart - in between the bunnies - filled with pretty spring blooms and vines - LOVE!

 We also have bunnies in baskets. . . . .


. . . .and bunnies in rockers!

 And then there's the flowers. . . . .
From Tulips to. . .

 . . . .Hyacinth. Amazing blue, huh?

Another one in a gorgeous pink - YUM-MEEE!

The Campanula is always a favorite of my customers.

This is an African Violet - one of the prettiest I've seen - love the variegated blooms!

Can you believe this is a Cyclamen?! It's called the Vintage Cyclamen and it is fabulous!

 Always love the elegance of the Calla Lily!

We even received some Gardenias this season - yay!

Can ya guess what this one is? It's called, Shooting Star Hydrangea - isn't it awesome?! We only get it in twice a year. Take a look at the close-up. . . 

You can see just a hint of bluish-purple in the center of each bloom - so gorgeous!

Of course we had lots of Easter Lilies too, but by the time I took these photos today, we had already sold out. They are not a favorite of mine anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this display of spring! With the long, drawn-out winter we've had this year, it's been wonderful working among all this beauty! 

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing all of you a very Happy Easter! :)