Saturday, January 30, 2016

Online Watercolor Card Class

Hi guys!

Are you taking the current online card class? It's Watercolor For Card Makers Intermediate Techniques and it has been fabulous! The instructor is Dawn Woleslagle - owner of WPlus9 and she is an amazing watercolor artist. I've admired her talent for a long time and couldn't wait to learn more from her through this class. 

If you're not taking the class, you can sign up anytime right here. Believe me when I say, all the online card classes are wonderful but this one has been my fave for sure! 

There have been 3 days of lessons from Dawn, chocked full of valuable information, tips on how to gain success with your water coloring, tons of videos and of course Dawn's gorgeous paintings! Then there were also 3 more days of guest artists, sharing their interpretations of Dawn's lessons, through videos and instruction. Well worth the price of class!

Okay, so I started out scared to death to even attempt any painting but with Dawn's encouragement, I gave it a try and I ended up really liking most of my creations.

Here's a few of my homework pieces.

This was from the first day of class. Just trying to paint little flowers. Actually pretty easy to do. 

This one is for day 3. We learned how adding negative painting can really help define an image. Such s cool technique!

This is from day 3 too, when we also learned about "lifting" color. The larger flower is a stamped image but I hand painted the two smaller ones. Buds are my favorite to do. Smaller is definitely easier! 

Here's one for day 5's homework. I went with the buds again and created a sweet, simple card. 

Then came day 6. Yikes, was I ever scared to try this! It's my take on one of the guest artists. Her name is Swarup Murthy (Sanketi) and she is so talented! I loved one of her paintings from class! There are so many areas on this one that, if you look closely, are not very good, but I went with it and kept playing. In the end, I don't think it's half bad! 

I've learned a ton from this class. Mostly that I need to be patient when I'm water coloring - ha! But I also learned how the shape of brushes can work to your advantage, how to know when you have too much water or pigment on your brush and what colors to mix so you get many different shades of the same color. I also learned that practice is the BIGGEST thing, not to compare yourself to others and so much more! If you love the look of watercolors and want to learn more, I highly recommend this class!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're all having a wonderful Weekend! ♥