Monday, May 30, 2011

Lisa's Card Photography Tutorial #2

Over on Lisa Spangler's blog there are card photography tutorials and it is so nice to be learning how to take better photos of my cards! Thank you, Lisa! :)

For the #2 post, she talked all about ISO, shutter speed and apeture settings. I have a Sony Cyber-shot and I was having a hard time finding my apeture settings and started to think my camera didn't have them. So these photos were taken by playing around with just the ISO settings. I have since figured out how I can change the apeture too, so I'll be practicing with that another time. . .yay! For now, here are my two photos. The first one has the ISO set at 100.

I wanted to see a big change so the second photo was taken with the ISO at 1600 and boy what a difference! So much more grainy looking!

Isn't that interesting? I'm so glad I'm learning these things! If you want to play along, just go visit Lisa on her blog. :)


Lynn said...

Great photos Barb...I took Maggie Holmes class last year and loved it...finally feel like I kind of know how to use my camera after many years of owning it :)

Virginia L. said...

Love your experimenting with different settings! I am too lazy to try new things, so I tend to stick with what "seems to work"!! Thanks for the inspiration! Glad that Lisa inspired you :)

MarcyK924 said...

Lisa will be happy to know that her tutorials are helping us out! She knows how to put things in "crafter's terms." I love how you got creative, Barb!

Maureen Morton said...

Great student! Isn't Lisa the best? I, too, am learning so much from her great classes. You get an "A" from me!

sideoats + scribbles said...

Hi Barb! So glad the tutorials are helping! Yay! Hearing that made me smile BIG, makes writing them up so worthwhile. :)

I can really see the grain in the second one! The colors look better in the ISO 100 setting, too!