Monday, August 6, 2018

A Couple Floral Cards and My Deck

Hey guys!

During the summer months, I don't make as many cards because well, when ya live in Minnesota, you tend to wanna be outside anytime there isn't any snow. Lol! 

I love hanging out on my deck, enjoying the warm temps, the sunshine and lots of flowers. For those of you who don't follow me on my Instagram page, you may not have seen my colorful deck and yard. Here's a few pics.

Love sitting right here with my morning coffee!

Of course I needed an aqua bench so I painted it. Makes me happy!

Give me allllllll the flowers! And I painted the chairs too. Needed more color in my life.

My favorite pot this year.

New Squirrel-proof bird feeder. Love this thing!

We live on a corner lot so mowing takes me about an hour but I love to do it! So much better than shoveling, am I right?
So, now you can understand why I'm not down in my craft room creating as much lately. But. . . .

. . . .we've had a couple of cloudy and VERY humid days here recently, so I sat down the other day and did some coloring. First up is this beautiful daisy set from Altenew, colored with Copics. I don't usually use colored cardstock but thought the purple went really well with my Copic shades. **thumbs up**

This next one is an attempt at no-line coloring. I feel like I'm getting better at this technique. And for those of you who are afraid to try it, I say, give it a go because what I've found from the few times I've done this technique - it will look horrible until it's finished. I'm serious. I almost stopped trying on this one but persevered and I love how it turned out! This stamp is from Clearly Besotted.

Okay, I'm all set to go. . . . . . .yup, you guessed it - outside because it's sunny today - yay!

Thanks for stopping by - I hope you know how much I appreciate it! Enjoy your week! ♥

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Nancy said...

Hello Barb! Your deck is lovely! I can see why you want to be outside as much as you can! Your cards are just as beautiful as the real flowers!

Sharie said...

Hi Barb, love both cards but the purple one is my favorite. Did you stamp the Daisy’s on white , color with your copics then fussy cut them out then mounted the On the purple card stock?
Just love your potted plants. You have a beautiful yard and deck, don’t think I would leave it either to go stamp in the summer.
Have a wonderful day Blessings, Sharie

Cat Craig said...

Georgeous cards, and I can see why your deck calls you away from the crafty space. Enjoy.

Maureen Morton said...

Wow, Barb! What a little slice of heaven you've created here. I love the colors! Guess you have to bring all that sweetness indoors when winter comes along? Your cards are stunning, also. Thanks for sharing this inside look - I feel I know you better than ever. Bless your heart!

Brenda in IN said...

Your deck is such a colorful, restful space. I love the chairs and bench and all those lush flowers. Your cards are lovely. I've seen no line coloring and yours is beautiful. The purple one is gorgeous.

Barb Ghig said...

Gorgeous cards, Barb! Your no line coloring is just beautiful, and I must say you've inspired me to try it...again :) I also love your daisies...WOW! They really pop against the purple background and your Copic coloring is flawless!

Thanks so much for sharing pics of your deck and backyard! I love your brightly painted chairs and bench and all those lovely flowers! I've never heard of a squirrel-proof bird feeder until now...way to go!

It's so nice to hear from you...I hope you're having a nice summer ~ Hugs, Barb xx

Cindy C. said...

Beautiful cards Barb! And your yard is lovely, and so inviting. I absolutely love that squirrel prove bird feeder. Thanks for sharing.

Isobe Ltin said...

I may not have seen your colorful pics.
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Greta said...

I'd have my coffee out there, too--beautiful setting, Barb! Love both cards--great idea to use the colored cardstock! Your no-line coloring is one of the best I've seen!

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