Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Altenew Storybook Fantasy Release Blog Hop!

 Hi guys!

Welcome to my stop on the Altenew, Storybook Fantasy release blog hop! I love the beautiful products in this release and am so excited to share some inspiration with you!


If you're following along on the hop, you should've arrived here from Svitlana's blog. If you'd like to start at the beginning of the hop, click here to be taken to the Altenew Card blog.


Altenew is running a free gift promotion to celebrate this release! There are three different ways to get a free gift, as the banner below explains. The free gift will be added to your shopping cart automatically.


To celebrate even more, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to two lucky winners and a $20 gift certificate to ten winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and each designer’s blog hop post by 03/15/2021 for a chance to win. Altenew will draw the twelve random winners from blog hop comments and announce them on the Altenew Winners Page on 03/17/2021.


Okay, let's get started on some inspiration! I really enjoyed creating with these products! You all know I love flowers, so you won't be surprised to see them on each card today.

This first card was created using the beautiful, Fairy Tale Rose stamp set and some water coloring. It's a simple design but I added some dimension with the shadow around the rose, plus a bit of splatter.


This next card was created using the lovely, Book Engravings stamp set. It's actually a layering set but I always struggle with stamping flowers with a layered ink technique. Don't ask me why, it just isn't my thing. But luckily, there are open images in this set that are perfect for coloring! I watercolored this one too.


And last but not least is this amazing, gorgeous, Ranunculus Bouquet 3D embossing folder! Oh, my gosh, this folder gives unbelievable dimension! After running it through my embossing machine, I added color, to just the raised areas, by carefully adding ink using some blending brushes. I love the results!


And that's a wrap for me. I hope I've given you a bit of inspiration for using these fabulous products!

Up next on the hop is my dear friend, Virginia at her blog, Yes Virginia.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of the hop.


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I Card Everyone said...

You KNOW I cannot resist embossing folders OR Ranunculus! Such beautiful cards, Barb! Your rose could be from Beauty and the Beast!

Tracie said...

Such beautiful cards done with watercolor. You definitely have a gift with watercoloring.

Alma Dirpaul said...

Altenew stamps are amazing! Thanks for sharing your cards.

Virginia L. said...

GORGEOUS work, Barb! So happy that you are part of today's blog hop! You're rocking it!

Joanne Hoffmann said...

I am blown away!! Absolutely delightful!!

RockSeaTea said...

That ranunuculous flower is ridiculously good!

The Red Haired Lass said...

Lovely color choices

Chandhini said...

Amazing cards, the card using ranunculus folder is stunning.

Liz O. said...

Amazing cards Barb! Love them all, thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

Beautiful cards! I love how the purple you added to the Ranunculus folder just pops!

Whiteibis said...

Fairy Tale Rose is so pretty. Very nice cards as well. Great release.

Lila W said...

I Love all the new embossing folders. Love your cards

Patty said...

Love all your beautiful cards!

sharon g said...

The yellow leaves are a nice, new touch. Nice idea.

Ms. Tamp said...

Nice color use for the flowers and the embossing folder.

MadeByMeghanK said...

Your flowers are amazing! I LOVE the embossing folder too!

Mary Ann said...

Three beautiful cards that promise spring is near. I love them all but the last one is probably my favorite. I'm just getting more comfortable with embossing folders and these 3D ones are terrific. Thank you for sharing your lovely creations.

Lori A said...

I love your colorful flowers! So pretty! Thanks for sharing & the opportunity at winning this giveaway.

DorothyA said...

Very pretty. That fairy tail rose card is my favorite.

Dawn T said...

such a fun release and all your cards are simply delightful Barb. Love the soft watercolouring on your first card. It is so elegant.

Helen said...

Gorgeous cards Barb! I love this new release!! The embossing folders are amazing! Thanks so much for the great inspiration! Stay safe! :)

Janet a.k.a. swanlady21 said...

Three gorgeous cards Barb. I especially love the rose.

joni said...

Beautiful cards, love the soft colors.

Nora Noll said...

Absolutely gorgeous cards!!! I LOVE the soft colors you used!!

Beverly S. said...

Beautiful floral cards....each is so different! Enjoyed seeing each one! Love this new Altenew release!

Mirella said...

Stunning, Barb, all three of them!

Lauryne Cunningham said...

Beautiful! I love all the detail on the ranunculus!

berryblue said...

That ranunculus embossing folder is amazing! I love the little purple flowers!

Rema DeLeeuw said...

Lovely projects!

Denise Bryant said...

Such beautiful floral designs! Love your cards!

Esther Asbury said...

Three beautiful cards! So classy and elegant!

Lois said...

Absolutely stunning. There are so many great designs with the release. Thanks for sharing

Sandy said...

Gorgeous cards! I just love the new ranunculus embossing folder!

Noelia Gutierrez said...

Beautiful cards. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jade said...

Gorgeous! Magnificent! Lovely! I am in awe. Wonderful cards!!!❤️

Linda P said...

Nice variety of cards with different stamps. Your watercoloring is so good.

Sarah B said...

All beautiful cards and flowers! I love what you did with the ranunculus folder image. That folder is being revealed as much more versatile than I would have thought! Thanks for all the inspiration and beautiful things to look at to start my day!

Linda Wood said...

I especially like the Book Engravings floral card and the Ranunculus card. Beautiful.

Dawn Tooley said...

Beautiful cards! Lots of great ideas!

Chark said...

oooh, pretty! love that last one especially!

Carol Wortman said...

Well I've decided that "fairy tale" is just another word for beautiful! These are so so pretty. That rose, wow!

Cathy W. said...

Like how you embellished the embossing folder with color. It give it dimension and color. Beautifully done.

CraftyHounslows said...

All three cards are beautiful but I really like the one using the embossing folder! This really is something

Lindsey NY said...

I will never buy a regular embossing folder again. Altenew has spoiled us with the 3D.
I like how you shaded the rose for depth, such a delicate, beautiful card.

Amber Bissonnette said...

Such beautiful cards you created!! I love the rose one

Jean said...

Simply lovely! A wonderful release!

Susan Benson said...

Your ranunculus card is beautiful!

Candy said...

Oh my! I recently discovered the beauty of Altenew products and LOVE them. Your creations have truly inspired me to create. Thank you!

Swinks said...

Slump beautiful!

Sandy said...

Such pretty cards! Thanks for sharing.

Karen Williams said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations.

Dana said...

Fabulous cards!! Loving this new release!!

Valerie Masad Albrecht said...

Great cards! Lovely colors!

Dana Piazza said...

Love your beautiful cards! Already ordered a few things from this release but after this hop there are definitely more things I want.

gaylehicks said...

I think you are all selling me on this new release!

Unknown said...

I love your clean lines on these cards. They really give a most professional look. Thank you.

Kanan Pandya said...

These are so so gorgeous!! Love each one, Barb. :-)

Christy Designs said...

Beautiful flower cards

Bea said...

Beautiful! Love the coloring.

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