Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Cards I've Received

This post is way past due and I am so sorry for that! I received some beautiful cards this year from Flickr friends and blogging buddies. I love each and every one of them and know you'll enjoy viewing them too!

This first one is from my blogging buddy, Sue. She has not joined the Hero Arts Flickr group yet (wish she would!) so if you haven't seen her creations, you should! Her blog is here.

The rest of the cards are from my Flickr friends. You'll recognize the names and creations. This one is from Agata!

Here is the one I received from Dawn!

This one is from Donna!

From Lai-Yoke!

Sue Givens sent me this one!

This card is from Rosemary!

Here's one from Vanessa!

And this one is from Sanne!

Greta sent this one!

My hostess sister, Joy sent me this card!

And this last card was sent from Celina! She had my name in the Christmas card exchange.

Thank you all for sending me these lovely cards! I must apologize for not sending all of you cards in return! I have no excuse except for the old stand-by. . .I was so busy. That really isn't good enough because you are just as busy, but were able to find time to send cards, and I wasn't. So hopefully you will accept my apologies and know just how much I appreciate your kind gesture!

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your day! :)


Tiffany Ervin said...

Gorgeous cards from all of our wonderful flickr friends and sweet Sue! I think in these busy and stressful times, from our hearts, we each know how much we mean to each other, even if a card isn't equally reciprocated. We all appreciate you too Barb!

Vicky said...

Great cards! You are a happy girl I am sure, such an amazing collection you have there. Happy New Year Barb!

donna mikasa said...

Thank you for sharing your cards with us! A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

stampingandstitching said...

Barb, thanks for sharing all these wonderful Christmas cards! Loved seeing them!

Lin said...

Gorgeous! Real treasures!

Nancy said...

Gorgeous cards. It is so FUN to receive these little works of art.

Scrumplescrunch said...

Your friends do not send cards just to receive one in return Barb, they send them for the simple reason that they know darn well that you will appreciate the work and thought that was put into the card while making it.
Knowing exactly who they are sending it to, the cards are made special for a special person and that person in this case is YOU!
Thank you for showing us the cards, they are wonderful, as regards the Hero Arts flicker Group, I have been so wrapped up with the Blog I have not thought about it, I will look into joining once things are back to a more controlled choas!!
Many thanks for showing my card I feel honoured to be amongst such talented ladies.

Suzanne C said...

Lovely cards barb.

Rosemary said...

thanks for sharing all the lovely cards you received, barb! i loved getting one from you!!

Dawn T said...

Lovely cards Barb. I must do the same as I received a number of wonderful handcrafted cards both from friends here in NZ ( my stamp group) and Flickr friends. It is nice to share.

Anita Rex said...

Hi Barb! Such lovely cards you received! It's always fun to open the mail and find these!

Sanne said...

Thanks for sharing - glad to see my card arrived safely ;) Gorgeous cards